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Tonight after dinner, I found myself in the neighborhood where Aeromexico 498 came to rest. Made me think of how many other crashes are in areas we would never think about.

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There are plenty of urban sites, such as Howard Hughes' XF-11 crash.  I've only been to one that isn't quite urban but is in a city.  In 2000 I stopped by the park in Colorado Springs where United Flight 585 went down.  I was visiting a friend in town so figured I'd see what was there.  There were still little bits scattered in among some ivy between the park and nearby apartments.  A memorial pagoda has two plaques commemorating the event and listing the people who lost their lives.

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Given that a lot of WWII crashes involved take off or landing accidents, and that development has surrounded or taken many of those bases, there are a lot of "urban crash sites".  Many of these are now under homes or parking lots.  There are 4 crash sites within a couple of miles of my house.  I pass within 200 feet of a P-39 site on my way to work every day.  It is under a home now.  The pilot, Lt Marvin Pearson, bailed out too late and came down about 600 feet from his plane.  That would be another neighbor's back yard.  Dennis


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Urban crashes are very interesting and have paid off for me numerous times. You never know what will pay off in the end.

Walt I'm actually going to the XF-11 site this coming weekend on my way to my birthday dinner. Really looking forward to it.

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I didn't realize it at the time but I had two personal connections to the crash due to my Native American connections; in December of 1985 I went to Mexico City to join with hundreds of other Aztec dancers at the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe. On my return flight on Aeromexico, Captain Prom was the pilot; I only remembered it because I thought it was an odd name. (I don't know if it was the same plane; usually I make a note of the reg when I fly but I didn't that time.)

When the crash occurred, many of those killed on the ground were members of a Native American family I knew from local powwows we performed at. I believe they were having a birthday party or family reunion when the plane hit.

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Here's a link to a page on my website that has some rare and seldom seen NTSB photos of the 1986 Aeromexico accident.



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The husband of a friend of my family died on that plane when I was a kid. It left a impression on me for sure. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have been meaning to stop by these sites when I'm out that way. Maybe soon since I have been out there a lot recently.

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